DOT Driver Physicals and FAA Basic Med - Price List
D.O.T. DRIVER PHYSICALS - Get back on the road.
Competitive pricing for our services:


DOT Physical Exams 90.00
Breath Alcohol Test 45.00 (BAT) screening
Breath Alcohol Test 45.00 (BAT) confirmation (required when screening test is +)
DOT Drug Testing 65.00
Pre-Employment Drug Testing 65.00
Bus Driver Physicals 90.00
Basic Med Exam FAA  90.00

cdl physical exam RI
2. You can choose to pay now and bring your receipt or pay at the office when you arrive for your appointment.
3.  Download your blank DOT exam here or fill out the exam information when you come in for your scheduled appointment. 
  1. Bring your current License, Medical Certificate, and List of Medications with you to your appointment.
  2. Exam form for Dr. O'Keefe   form  
  3. Exam form for Dr. Reed   form
  4. Bring your receipt to your appointment or pay at the front desk... our goal is making it simple for you.
DOT Physical Exams 90.00

 (BAT) screening  

DOT Drug Testing 65.00

Pre-Employment Drug Testing 65.00

Bus Driver Physicals 90.00

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